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Where am I now...

It is quite an amazing journey...

To persevere in wanting something that you believe in is a journey worth taking. It doesn't matter in what area of your life this journey is because whatever the consequence, the journey that takes you there is something worth remembering.

I have had the opportunity to be in many different phases of life where I could say, I have it made. But there are some things that you know you want to do more. I know my journey in life is still not complete. There are only a few individuals that truly and clearly etch their presence in my life.

One such person is you.

You entered my life at the most unassuming moment
I didn't know what to expect nor what to feel
A roller coaster ride of emotions
A rush and suspense
There is no turning back

You take my breath away
You fill my life with laughter
When you smile, I smile and I can't help it
Because you give me ultimate happiness

I feel I can do more when I am with you
I feel I can achieve more with you by me
Your mere presence shakes my world
And knowingly stays there just because

For all the reasons in the world
There is no explanation for you
As you continue to be in my life
And perhaps not having one
Will do and is enough for me

As I live each day
I take solace in knowing
There is every possibility
That I would hear your voice
Have you coo me and tell me
Sweetie, come here...
Lay your head by my shoulder
And know everything is all right
I am here, I am not going anywhere...

So where am I now
I don't know
All I know is
I am walking this journey with you
And for the first time
I have never been this sure about anything
As I am with you...